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Hi there, It's Gumo!

Thank you for visiting the Official GumoManiacs Store. Hopefully we do offer you an easy and enjoyable shopping experience! If you have any questions about your purchase or certain products please contact us via E-mail:

One thing about GumoManiacs I would like to address is that we do not work with labels, managers or agencies and we do so for one simple reason:

Our relationship with YOU is too important to lay it in anyone else's hands!

That's why I learned how to do all business related tasks on a pro level myself to be able to offer YOU exactly the best I can, without having to ask labels or managers for THEIR budgets and permissions. No matter if you visit us on Facebook, go to our webpage, or scroll through the items listed in our shop, it will always be YOU and US directly connecting with each other. 

I'm on a mission and I wonder: how can I fire up your life with Teutonic Thrash Metal today?
Hopefully you will like some of the items here in our shop! Like I said: 
don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Keep thrashing my friend!

Gumo & GumoManiacs