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About the day I met Tom Angelripper

Hi there my friend!

In 1999 Sodom were touring with Tankard by the end of the year, so they called this the „F**k the Millenium Tour“. There is a quite legendary club in Leipzig/Eastern Germany called „the Hellraiser“ and I was going there with a friend all the way from the south to see my heroes live.

After the Sodom show, which was great fun by the way, my friend and I had to wait for the train untill dawn, so we decided to just stay inside the empty club untill they would tell us to go home. Within a few moments we saw ourselves in the middle of a Sodom aftershow hang-out. First we talked to Bobby about drums and Thrash Metal musicianship for a while. He was still drummer in Sodom back then and told us about how they wanted to refine the style they had on „Code Red“. When „M-16“ came out few years later I remembered with a smile on my face that he was talking about more advanced songwriting and stuff like that back then in Hellraiser.

The Higlight was talking to Tom of course. Even though it was a short talk he seemed to be really nice and friendly and answered all my questions. As far as I can remember I asked him why they did not play certain Sodom songs live and that I found out about bands like Raven and Tank through him. Nothing intense or deep but nevertheless I felt quite overwhelmed anyway.

I have no pictures of the evening, just the ones inside my head. Smartphones with photo function were not so popular in 1999! Actually I am not even sure if they already existed...did they?

Yes, it was different times. They were neither better nor worse, but truly different. My friend and I spend the train ride talking and looking at landscapes instead of listening to music with ear plugs or watching YouTube stuff.

Obviously Tom didn't remember me when I saw him again 20 years later in the backstage area of a Festival(I was helping out a Metallica Coverband on guitars).
I am not mad at all. Guys like him see so many faces and hear so many names all the time and I can understand that he just cannot remember all of them. This time the talk was even shorter, but as nice as the first one.

You can surely imagine that meeting the very person who highly inspired all this beautiful Metal madness of mine is always something truly unreal for me.

Hearing Sodom's „Agent Orange“ for the first time in 1990 drove me towards Teutonic Thrash Metal and when I picked up a guitar few years later I knew which kind of music I would like to compose.

The fact that you landed on this Shop states that you might have heard some of my songs by now. Have you?
Hopefully you like some of the Thrash Metal I created with GumoManiacs over the years! Now you know one of the main events that led me down this path and I am curios if it resonates with you. Feel free to take a listen if you haven't, but don't forget to turn it up! ;-)

Cheers my friend,